It all started with a broken pair of sunglasses.  A broken pair of $100 sunglasses*. We were just sick of paying that much for the same pair of black wayfarers every year.  If, and a big if they even made it a full year without losing them.  Our passion is going to the beach, playing sports, and relaxing, but mostly the beach.  We grew up on the beaches of Robert Moses and have since graduated to Fire Island.  If you know what we’re talking about, that’s cool if not, totally fine, let’s move on. 

With all the talks out there about the world and how pollution is hurting the environment, we wanted to change that.  We wanted to launch a fully sustainable brand, one that put the environment first.  A brand that you can rely on because of its durability but also one that you can afford.  At Benti Shades we promise to offer you the very best sunglasses made one with one thing in mind, the planet.